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Antipolo Valley Tropical Garden Reviews

Antipolo Valley Tropical Garden is a resort in Antipolo, a mere 30 minute drive from Cubao. It is properly gardened with tropical greeneries. This garden complex is a nice venue for occasions that require intimacy. Events like weddings and debuts would be perfect. This 5000 square meter property is fitted with swimming pools, and has been a favorite resort for overnighters and day tours. This resort is perfect any time of the year.

How to get there?  You can take a jeepney/van to Cogeo. Drop off at Masinag and then take a trike to the resort. an alternative way is to take a jeep/van at teh gateway mall or aurora boulevard then drop off at Masinag. Take a trike at the back of LBC to the resort.




Amenities and Special Attractions of Antipolo Valley Tropical Garden

  • Specialty restaurant and catering for special events
  • Function Rooms
  • Spa and Gym
  • Bar and Music lounge
  • Family KTV
  • 2 adult swimming pools
  • 1 kiddie swimming pool
  • Rooms and pavilion
  • Picnic huts.


The resort is 10 km from Cubao, 1.5 km from SM Masinag. SM Marikina, Robinson’s place Antioplo and the santolan LRT station is just 3 kilometers away. 3 golf course are also in the area: Forest Hills, Valley Golf and East Ridge.

Antipolo Valley Tropical Garden Rates


Entrance Fees: from Php 80 to Php 250 per person depending on the lengtha nd time of stay.

Picnic hut rentals range from Php 650.00 to Php 1,500.

The cottages rates for the accommodation range from Php 3500 to Php 5750.00.

More details about the prices below.


* Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

with or without swimming

Adult (4 ft. and above)
Child (4 ft. and below)



Php 100 Php 150
Php 80 Php 120



Php 120 Php 170
Php 100 Php 150

Native Picnic Huts




1. Mini Hut Php 650.00 Php 700.00 9 persons only
2. Small Hut (A & B)         750.00         800.00 12 persons only
3. Small Hut (C, D, E & F)         900.00      1,000.00 15 persons only
4. Big Hut : with small room but eithout beddings, sitting capacity: 15-20 persons, sleeping capacity: 4 persons only         1,300.00         1,500.00 15-20 persons
5. Big Hut : 2 oval table + 15 chairs & electric fan         1,300.00         1,500.00

Rooms and Rates



1. Waling-Waling : One Bedroom, One Toilet and Bath, Three double decks, Airconditioned, Big patio, with 2 oval tables & 20 chairs,  sleeping capacity: 6 – 8 persons, sitting capacity: 20-25 persons, with kitchen sink and grill, additional shower room

3,500 3,700

2. Violeta : One Bedroom, One Toilet, Three double decks, Airconditioned, Big patio, Two oval tables & 20 chairs, additional toilet and shower room, sleeping capacity: 9 persons, sitting capacity: 20-25 persons, with kitchen sink and grill

3,500 3,700

3. Zinnia : One Bedroom, aircon, queen bed, Four double decks, Kitchen area without stive and terrace, Two oval tables + 20 chairs, additional toilet and shower room, sleeping capacity: 12-14 persons, sitting capacity: 20-30 persons, grill

4,000 4,500

Pavillions and Rates



1. Big Pavillion : two toilet (men & women), 3 oval tables + 30 chairs, sitting capacity: 30-40 persons

3,000 3,300

2. Small Pavillion : Two oval tables = 20 chairs , sitting capacity: 20-30 persons

1,500 1,700

Antipolo Valley Tropical Garden Contact details and Address

Address:  2404 Zinnia Street, Antipolo Valley Subdivision
(La Colina), Mambugan, Antipolo City, Rizal
Telephone Number:  (+63 2) 212-8431
Mobile Number:  09984948971
Inquiries:  Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM only
E-Mail Address:

If you own Antipolo Valley Tropical Garden, please add in details in the comment section. Please contact our website should have

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  2. Good Day.

    We are planning to have a team building this coming February 22. I just want to inquire if the tulip house is available on that day and how much will be the rate for 24 hours ? I tried to contact you through phone however I didn’t receive any response. How I wish I get some response here in email. hehe

    Thank you and God bless..

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