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Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort Reviews

Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort is located in Tanay, Rizal. This is a particularly homey resort in Rizal. This is particularly affordable and offers a variety of accommodation package. the ambiance of the place is good, even in day trips you will surely have a blast.

The staff are pretty hospitable and offers a lot of extra added services. This is a very good place if you want to experience a breathe of fresh air, an escape. This is quite the experience, especially the refreshing swimming that will make you feel the enticing cold of sierra madre.


This is about 1 to 2 hours away from teh metro, but still a good escape, and still accessible for day tripping. The location at the top of the mountain is quite an exemplary plus side – you get a view of the sierra madre. You can also stop by the resort for quick snacks and meals. This is right beside the road so its quite accessible. the scenic route will take you there.

Corporate events, meetings seminars are also catered. Other outdoor adventure is also waiting for you, walks, bridges, zip line, etc.



Amenities and Special Attractions of Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort

  • Camping
  • Zipline
  • Videoke
  • Rooms
  • Function Hall
  • Mini hanging bridge
  • Hotel
  • Good scenic view

Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort Rates

Entrance —————————— P 100.00

Swimming —————————– P 150/adult  P 100/child (12 y.o. & below)

Camping / Picnic ———————- P 100/head

Videoke ——————————- P 200/hour

Mahjong —————————— P 400/hour

Firing Range ————————— P 200/hour  (bring your own ammo and firearms)

Camping (overnight) —————— P350/head

Zip Line ————————————– P 200/ride

Prenuptial Pictorial (by reservation at daytime) P1,800 (whole day with standard room)  plus P100/pax for entrance fee

VIP Rooms:

Sta. Isabel Suite (family room)——————— P 4,000

Sorsogon Suite (6pax)——————————- P 3,000

San Isidro Suite (2pax)——————————- P 2,000

Fernando’s Hideaway (2pax)————————- P 2,000

Gubat House (7pax)———————————- P 4,500

Standard Rooms (2-3pax)

Ilang-Ilang —————————————- P 1,500

Dama de Noche ————————————- P 1,500

Tulips ——————————————— P 1,500

Rosas ——————————————— P 1,500

Gumamela ————————————— P 1,500

Camia ——————————————– P 1,500

Sampaguita ————————————— P 1,500

Orchids ———————————————- P 1,500

Spring Valley Rooms (5pax) ———————– P 2,500

(10pax) ————————– P 4,500

Barcelona 1 (5pax) ——————————- P 2,500

Gobatnon (5pax) ———————————- P 2,500

Clubhouse 1 (overlooking rooms with view) :

San Jose Suite (5pax) ———————————– P 2,500

Aurea Suite (5pax) ———————————– P 2,500

Tierry Suite (5pax) ———————————– P 2,500

Henry Suite (5pax) ———————————– P 2,500

Lolita Suite (5pax) ———————————– P 2,500

San Ramon Suite (4pax) ———————————- P 2,500

Clubhouse 2 (overlooking rooms with view) :

Barcelona II Suite (6pax) ———————— P 3,500

Prieto Diaz Suite (6pax) ———————— P 3,500

Bulan Suite (6pax) ———————— P 3,500

Irosin Suite (6pax) ———————— P 3,500

Juban Suite (6pax) ———————— P 3,500

Sta. Magdalena (6pax) ———————— P 3,500

Matnog (6pax) ———————— P 3,500

Pilar (6pax) ———————— P 3,500

Donsol Suite (4pax) ———————— P 2,500

Casiguran Suite (4pax) ———————— P 2,500

Magallanes Suite (4pax) ———————— P 2,500

Bicol Rooms :

Masbate (8pax) —————————— P 3,000

Albay (8pax) —————————— P 3,000

Mayon (8pax) —————————— P 3,000

Daet (10pax) —————————— P 4,500

Isarog (10pax) —————————— P 4,500

Legazpi (10pax) —————————— P 4,500

Virac (7pax) ——————————– P 3,000

Catanduanes (7pax) ——————————– P 3,000

Camarines Sur (7pax) ——————————– P 3,000

Camarines Norte (10pax) ——————————- P 5,000

Naga (10pax) ——————————- P 5,000



Group of 30 pax minimum —————————- P1,200.xx / head

inclusions: room accommodation; meals (pm snacks+dinner+breakfast+am snacks+lunch); use of swimming pool and other outdoor facilities


Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort Contact details and Address

Address:  Km 58 Marcos Hi-way Mayagay Tanay, Rizal, Marcos Hwy, Tanay, Rizal
Telephone Number:
Mobile Number:  9132001 or 6974321
Inquiries: For more information and packages, kindly contact Vet (994.8224) or Cha (6974321)
E-Mail Address:  Website:

If you own Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort, please add in details in the comment section.  Please contact our website should have

54 thoughts on “Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort

  1. Hi, I would like to inquire if there are still available rooms for March24-25 overnight for 8 adults and 2 kids. How much does it cost? Do you have a restaurant on your area? Thanks

  2. hi would like to inquire
    1.for day tour group of 18persons hoping for an immediate response
    2. should we call for reservation
    3. no one answers to call from number 9132001 or even message from FB

  3. To the management,

    This is Nash Perez, from DSWD- Central Office. I would just like to request for a quotation because we are considering Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort as our venue for our upcoming team building dated June 16 – 17, 2016; for 20 pax including room accommodation, food and use of amenities. Thank you so much and hope to receive a feedback soon.

  4. Hi po.
    i am scouting for a venue for our company seminar. Can i ask for proposal 2 day activity, July 7 – 8, 2016 Tentative. With 213 pax.
    1 night accommodation, 2 breakfast, 2 lunch and 1 dinner and 1 PM snacks

    thank you.

  5. good evening;

    kindly reserve for us on Aug. 23, 2016 for debut photoshoot starts at 9am.

    how much is your rate?

    thank you

  6. good evening;

    kindly reserve for us on Aug. 23, 2016 @ 9am for a debut photoshoot.

    how much is your rate?

    thank you

  7. Hi good morning!

    I just want to know if you accommodate a group of 6? Can you send us a quotation that include room accommodation, full board meal:breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks and other amenities?

    Thank you


  8. good day

    how far are you to ten cents to heaven ?
    could you send me the rates
    2 persON
    september 30- october 1

  9. Hi,
    just a quick question, do you allow pet in your resort either for day trip or one night accomodation?


  10. Hi…would like to ask if you have your own restaurant for meals? Can you please send me your menu or at least give me an idea on your food price range so I can list a budget on that. Are your rooms airconditioned or fanned?

  11. May we request for quotation on our Christmas Party scheduled on December 9, 2016 overnight stay for 150 pax. Thank you.

  12. Hi. Id like to ask if your resort is accepting walk-ins. We’d like to book a room for two for tomorrow pero early check out like aalis dn kami ng gabi. Hope you can accommodate. Thank you! -Karen

  13. Hi!
    Do you offer private VIP rooms for day trips? Say 12 hour stay?
    Would gladly want to hear from you.

  14. Hi,

    Good day!

    I would like to inquire in your rates for a 2-night accomodation with complete meal package for 15-20pax. Kindly send me a quotation.

    Thank you.

  15. Hi,

    I am interested in your family room, have few questions here:

    1. Do you have family room available (for 10 pax) on the 31st of December?
    2. What is the check in and out time?
    3. Do you charge for extra beddings?
    4. Is the payment for rooms includes entrance fee and the use of the swimming pool?

    Many Thanks,


  16. Me and My boyfriend were interested to book in your resort for an overnight stay.
    Hope you can accommodate us. were planning to have this after Christmas . This will be our celebration for our birthday. How can we make a booking with you. i will just leave my email address para ma email nio skin your accommodation ,entrance as well as inclusive if you will have a package.


  17. Hi. Can you quote me a price for 17 pax, overnight, on Wednesday December 14? Do you also have a mobile number that I could call?

  18. Hi good day, is San Jose Suite (5pax) P 2,500 available this coming Saturday (12/17/2016) also how can we reserve a room.

  19. for sierra madre resort:

    hi. do you have photos of the rooms for viewing? hope to see them asap. are you open on dec 31 to jan1?

  20. hi

    I would like to know if im able to book upon reaching or do i have to book online? I would also like to enquire on the following :
    1 – VIP rooms
    2 – San isidro suite
    3 – Fernado’s hideaway

    Do they have a good view or scenery? Cause im going there with my fiancee and would like to surprise her.

    Hope to hear your reply soon,

    thanks and regards,

  21. Our company will be having our annual team building on April 6-9,2017 a three nights four days event with 37-40 pax attending. Kindly furnish us with quotations and pictures of your place. Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soonest.

  22. Good afternoon,
    How much po overnight stay accommodation pag 4 adults + 1 kid (2yrsold)?

    Check in date: 02.11.17
    Check out date: 02.12.17

    Thank you.

  23. hi i cannot get in touch with you! please give me a call at 416 58 05 or 7253701
    i would like to place a booking for a prenup shoot for a overnite stay please call me

  24. Hello,

    I would like to inquire your availability for April and May 2017 (weekends only) for 2 days and 1 night. This is for Team building. This is for 60-65 pax.
    We would like also avail your promo if any and if we can cook and bring food.

    Kindly Send all the details to my email. Inclusions and terms and condition.

  25. Hi . Were are looking for availability this coming april 28 arrival , checking out on april 30 . We are 5 people coming . And were just looking for 1 room. Just incase u have can u message me tru my email or dial my personal number 09420987681(sun)
    And 09276367367 (globe) thank u.

  26. I would like to inquire about the availability of your resort on 28-29 April 2017 for 120 pax… overnight air-conditioned accommodation (incl 11 solo rooms for managers) inclusive of 5 meals starting with AM Snack, Lunch, PM Snack, Dinner (on the 28 April) and Breakfast (on the 29 April). Kindly send me the cost I will need to prepare if ever the above itinerary pushes through. Also mention the inclusions of the package. Thank you.

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  28. hi. i trued calling pero wala sunasagot sa mga numbers nyo. i want to reserve ung rooms na nasa pool area nyo ung malapit na sa falls. Dec. 23 to 26. 11pax. pls. let me know agad kung pwede pa. salamat. my cp is 09183721248. thank you.

  29. Hi!


    We, Kai-Anya Foods Inc are currently preparing the 3 days Strategic Planning this coming October or November. In this regard, we are inquiring for possible venues who can accommodate us for the said activity. Below are the details of our need for the said activity:

    1. Date of Activity: Oct or Nov (Friday to Sunday) or (Saturday to Monday)
    2. No. of Participants : 30 pax
    3. Room Accommodation: 1 room w/1 single bed
    (air condition rooms) 1 room w/2 single bed
    1 room w/3 single bed
    3 or 4 rooms for 24 pax

    4. Cost of Meals: Day 1 Lunch, PM Snacks, Dinner
    Day 2 Breakfast, AM Snack, Lunch, PM Snack, Dinner
    Day 3 Breakfast, Lunch
    5. Cost of Air Condition Function Room with Inclusions
    6. Cost of Team Building with Inclusions (Optional only)
    7. Other Inclusions

    We are hoping for your kind consideration on our proposal request.

  30. Hi!
    We would like to ask for a quotation package for March 16 to 17, 2018 activity for 46 pax. Kindly include in your quotation the fee for team building facilitator and activity charges. Thanks!

  31. we are planning to have our year end meeting and xmas party by dec 9-10. we are only 20pax, is it still 1,200 per head?

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