Villa Sampaguita Antipolo

Villa Sampaguita Antipolo General Review

Villa Sampaguita is a wonderful resort in Antipolo. It is Mushroom themed and very colorful. It has the usual amenities like swimming pool, cottages, accommodations and food. This resort is best with friends, family, relatives and colleagues.

The resort if fairly affordable and is very accessible. Please contact Villa Sampaguita Resort should you have any clarifications and questions.

Amenities and Special Attractions of Villa Sampaguita Antipolo

Here are some of the facilities and amenities of Villa Sampaguita Antipolo :


  • Café and Restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • Canteen
  • Cottages
  • Rooms
  • Videoke
  • Garden



Villa Sampaguita Antipolo Rates

For an accurate list of rates, please contact Villa Sampaguita Antipolo for more accurate listings.


Entrance Fees: Php 100.00

Room Rates:  Php 300.00

12 hour rental:  Php 300.00

Villa Sampaguita Antipolo Contact details and Address

Name of Resort: Villa Sampaguita Antipolo

Address:  Km. 31 National Highway, Barangay Dalig, Antipolo, Rizal,

For Reservations:

Contact numbers:  +63(2)6506474

Resort Website:

Email Address:


If you own Punta Fabian, please add in details in the comment section. You can also contact Villa Sampaguita Antipolo to include the details in the post. Please contact our website should have any more added to this post.


22 thoughts on “Villa Sampaguita Antipolo

  1. i was trying to call the contact number posted but nobody’s answering..just wanted to inquire about the room rates and other fees (videoke,corkage,etc) and even the policies.we are planning to have an overnight stay by april..
    do they have a mobile contact number?it would be very convenient if they do since im calling from pampanga.
    thanks alot..
    hoping for your fast reply.😃

  2. Hm ang overnyt????ska cottage or room rates…..ska pwd irent ang videoke???nid respond asap….tnx poh

  3. Sinu any pede Kong makausap kasi gusto naming punts dyan kaya lang walang tamang contact para makapaginfo malaman po.

  4. Pede po paki update ng tel. No. Kc tumatawag kami iba ang sumasagot nagpalit na daw kayo ng tel. Pareserve po sana kami ng cottage sa april 3 yung mahaba sa harap ng pool.

  5. Hi How can I contact you? Need to check if you have night swimming and accommodations good for 20pax tomorrow.

  6. Yung mga information po bang naka sulat above is updated until now? ask ko lang po kase by this april 28 magsiswimming kame dyan sinisugurado lang po namen! Thankyou!

  7. good morning, i would like to ask if how much is your room accomodation good for 20 people overnight? thank you hoping to hear from you

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